The PD365 Journal


Available with the Gold, Platinum and Diamond membership packages, PD365 offers you a downloadable journal.

This journal runs alongside the videos, and on the days where we have suggested you think about something a little deeper, we have given you beautifully presented pages to write your thoughts upon.

So why have we added the option of a journal?

Journaling has a number of positive benefits. The actually process of writing your thoughts down on paper allows you to truly see what is going on inside your head.

  Journaling can help you
  • Learn to understand yourself better
  • Clarify your thoughts and feelings, often discovering hidden beliefs that are no longer of benefit to you.
  • Clears up misunderstandings – writing down misunderstanding allows you to work through them, often enabling you to see the root cause and alternative ways of looking at it.
  • Reduce stress – expressing your thoughts on paper stops you ‘stewing’ on them which in turn helps …
  • Problem solve – seeing the problem clearly laid out before you helps you think of solutions you may not have been aware of.

Plus it enables you to keep track of your progress, often when changes are made in a slow continuous manner; the differences can go unnoticed - particular if the changes where not something you were consciously aware off.

By tracking your progress not only can you re-visit any part of your journey, you can also what track as your thoughts and beliefs. But more importantly than that you can celebrate every milestone you make!



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