The PD365 Personal Development Plan


One thought per a day!

That's the key ingredient of PD365 - one thought per a day, with each thought building upon the previous to create a deeper understanding of how and why you do the things you do!

But of course we can't join 365 thoughts together perfectly - so we created sections - 26 sections to be precise!

Each section of this personal development plan focuses on a particular aspect of you!

Together they build up to paint a comprehensive picture of you as a whole - that's your mind, your body and your spirit! They take you on a deep personal journey of self-discovery and self-improvement.

Our personal development plan has been carefully developed to take you from the basics right through to the deeper aspects of you, allowing you to grow and develop in the comfort of your own home at the perfect time of day for you!



Section 1 - Let the Journey Begin

The important basics including how we learn, the conscious and unconscious mind, and brain chemicals. 


Section 2 - Maps of Our World

Focusing on how we set the unconscious boundaries we set, our inner and outer worlds, and how we interpret the world.

    Section 3 - It's All About Behaviour

The finer points of behaviour, how we create it and how to take charge of unconscious reactions and un-resourceful behaviours.

    Section 4 - Controlled By Our Beliefs

It’s all about the power of beliefs, both positive and negative and how to challenge and change those that are not in your best interest.


Section 5 - Guided By Our Values

The importance of your values, how to define them and how to work with them to build drive and determination.


Section 6 - The Language Of Emotions

Our emotions control so much of our personality. In this section we deal with some of the major emotions, how to use emotions in the manner they are actually meant and how to change situations that are not in your best interest.


Section 7 - Changing Relationships

All our lives we are surrounded by relationships, with family, lovers, friend and colleagues. This short but concise section looks at conflict, regret, perception and acceptance.


Section 8 - What's Stopping You?

Your life is influenced greatly by what you put into it, this section of PD365 deals with focusing on what you really want from life, and what, in your life, is holding you back.


Section 9 - The World of Miscommunication

The art of communication is very much undervalued. For most the issue is that they don’t know what they don’t know. This field can be studied for days in its own right, but in this section we will give you a basic understanding of how communication really works.


Section 10 - What's Your Story?

Does your story define you?

Does is hold you back or empower you?

This section gets to grip with the finer points of you, your story and the masks we all use to protect ourselves.


Section 11 - You need to Shoot to Score!

This section looks at your dreams and goals, and how they fit into your current and future lives. It deals with the finer points of tying those dreams into your values and specific life balances to start creating the life you really want.


Section 12 - The Dream, The Time, The Connection.

Building upon many of the teachings from the previous sections this part helps you connect on a deep level to the purpose behind your dream/goal, empowering you to move forwards.


Section 13 - Body Talks

The previous sections have been focused on your mind, but a mind cannot work alone. For the next few section we start tuning into your body.

This part deals with your relationship with your body, how to start listening to it properly, so you can provide it with the care it needs to help you on your journey through this life.


Section 14 - Factors of Dis-ease

In this part we focus on dis-ease within your body, and the many factors of our modern lifestyles that can hinder your body's optimal function.


Section 15 - Diet Styles and Myths

A chance to briefly look at a number of types of diet and how to work with your personal needs to make any positive changes you need to make.


Section 16 - The Power Of Nutrition And Movement

This final section focusing on the body deals with food and exercise for health and vitality.


Section 17 - Awakening The Soul

Now we have looked at both your mind and your body, we need to pull things together and look at the final important part of you – your ‘soul/spiritual aspect’.  This section looks at some of the basics of balancing these three aspects of you. 

    Section 18 - Great Expectations

Your expectations govern a lot of your interactions with others, yet they often go unnoticed until problems arise. In this section we get to grip with those hidden expectations and how to manage them.


Section 19 - It's all about the Rule Book

The Rule Book is a very important concept. Its the Rule Book of your life. This section looks at what is or isn’t contained within those pages and how you can use this knowledge to empower you.


Section 20 - Going with the Flow

Further developing on some of the earlier sections, we look at fine tuning that knowledge and using it to help change resistance into flow, so that you can stop fighting the current of life.


Section 21 - Life on Repeat!

Often we can find ourselves repeating the same mistakes, or creating the same negative life situations. This section looks at how to identify repeating patterns and how you can address the root cause to allow yourself to move on.


Section 22 - The Energetic You

This section looks at your energetic field and how it affects you!


Section 23 - The Art of Forgiveness

A detailed look into a field that is often misunderstood. Here we cover what creates hurt and/or disappointment, the many sides of forgiveness and we provide you 3 powerful questions that will help you release any pain or hurt that is holding you back!


Section 24 - The Power Of Your Mind

Pulling together many of the areas we have previously covered this section covers the power of self-disillusionment or empowerment and how you can use your mind to re-invent yourself on a daily basis.


Section 25 - Taking Back Your Power

A powerful section which is a favourite of ours. This section starts with a powerful exercise that reconnects you to a level of understanding that has to be experienced! Then we look at how to claim you power in every situation you encounter.


Section 26 - Taking Control of Your Life

In our final section we look at strengthening the new habits that you have been creating. We cover a few final points that need to be considered as you develop in your re-awakened life. We also take a second look at The Dream, The Time, The Connection.


And that's the plan!

The stepping stones of your personal development journey of self discovery!

We are all the most amazing people! It's just that most of us have forgotten who we really are, we have become lost in the expectations of our modern world - PD365 gives you all the tools and knowledge you need to find yourself again.

We wish you all the best with your many successes as you awaken the inner you! 

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