The PD365 Story


I wish I had known this early?

Why don’t they teach this in school?


The Creation of PD365

That’s how it all began!


The two questions above are something that we have both heard so many times

What can seem so obvious when explained in a context that actually fits into your life, has been lost in the expectations of our modern times.  

So wouldn’t it be great if we could pull together all the knowledge that we have, all the knowledge that help our clients to have wow moments and deliver it in a way that that it is accessible to as many people as possible without it using up too much of their hard pressed time?

Let's do bite-sized chunks - let's do videos - each one contains just one thought!

Perfect and at the end of the video – when it's appropriate, lets add a little exercise - just a question or a quick note jotting exercise, something to help make the thought fit more directly into the clients life!

Perfect PD365 - Personal Development for 365 days

A bite-sized programme for the mind, body and spirit!


The Development of PD365

So we planned, and we planned and we planned some more!


We didn’t want to just throw loads of random information at people. The world of the mind, body and spirit is vast, too much too quickly, badly presented just leaves people with overload and there is enough of that in this world already!

So we created a plan, then we took our plan and ran through it - a rehearsal if you like.

  • Whoops we forgot a bit!
  • Hold on that doesn’t quite flow!
  • Wait that should go earlier!

So we re-planned, then re-ran, then re-planned – We are sure that you get the picture!

Than it happened  - we had it – a plan to be proud of and proud of it we are!

The many, many long days were so worth it!

Each daily thought builds upon the previous to gradually build an awareness that not only personally empowers, but can also help in every aspect of life!

We had a plan for a product that doesn’t just look after the mind, or the body or even maybe the mind and soul, but a product that looks after all three, together.

After all we are not separate, we don’t have a mind that doesn’t talk to the body, or a soul that sits out on its own – we are a combination and its that combination in balance that creates a happy life!  


PD365 - The Final Countdown!

Great, we had now taken the idea from it's creation through the planning - now we just needed to deliver it to the world!

  We knew we wanted to put the information into mini videos - so a daily email seemed the best delivery system!

And then we had another thought – what about a journal to go alongside the videos - something to help the client get a little more from the programme!

What about hypnotic audios (one of Vicky’s specialties) and Transformational Metaphors (one of Lisa specialties)?

Solution - A two tier package!

Hold on what about coaching?

For those that want to get the absolute maximum out of PD365? Let’s add group and one-to-one coaching – perfect now we have a four tier programme – something to suit all needs and all budgets!


Budgets – let's talk money!

Our ultimate aim has always been to make PD365 as affordable as possible, but it also needed to be catchy. What about a £1 a day, yep that works, but it seemed a little expensive, we could do 75p and day – definitely not catchy!

How about a dollar a day, (that’s about 65p in UK money*) that's got a great ring to it – so it’s settled then the basic package will start at just a dollar a day.

But what about those that want to pay in a different currency, simple, PayPal will convert it for them as the proceed to the check out, besides when you ready to change your life does it really matter what the money sign is – provided you know exactly what you are paying before you press that buy now button?

Brilliant - Whats next?


Lights, Camera, Action!

We were now ready!

  So now is was all about the filming, the website and the emails!

For those that have been with us along the way – you will know that we have had a few hiccups - a complete website rebuild - to name but one!

But we did it!

It all come together!


PD365 was ready!



We now had a programme that we are very, very proud of!

We had a programme that incorporates the mind, body and spirit and treats them like the single being they are!

We had, in our opinion, created the perfect all round package for personal development!


  And the bonus, whilst listening to the videos everyday, our clients develop a great mindful routine – a routine that allows them to focus on themselves for just a few moments every day.

Not a few hours a month or a few days a year – which leaves you feeling great when you are there, empowered when you leave, then more often than not fades away in the daily balance act of life.

No - we have created a programme to help you produce lasting changes, a programme that can help everyone create inner calm in a world of chaos!


And there you have it - the story of PD365

We hope that you get as much out of our programme as we have had developing it!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you an amazing journey of self-discovery!

So what do you do now?

Why not check out our membership packages by clicking on the links and start your journey of self-discovery today?

    * 65p is a rough conversion, if you would like a up to date price before you get to paypal, just search google currency convertor.     




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